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You resonate with my vision and have a desire to co-create! 

We collaborate together to co-create community and/or sister communities around the world that support each other based on resonance, coherence and similarity in vision/purpose. We are here to create the World we want to see.

You access every resource I have on topics related to this, creating synergy, collaboration, community-building, governance, methods to grow food, build housing and communities, energy, exiting obsolete systems, etc...





  • build Your Freedom
  • choose Happiness
  • build your Health and your Wealth
  • contribute to the world in Your Authentic way

We will also touch on topics such as:

  • honor and Trust YOU
  • get courage to walk YOUR path
  • how to start with Crypto if it resonates
  • build Your Community
  • navigating this world and your Own Truth

My professional experience is 3 decades in the fields of counseling, advanced energy work, transformation, holistic health, intuition, perception, quantum/biofeedback/frequency medicine, consciousness. I also have experience in innovation and teaching in these fields. Was co-founder CEO and teacher of Instant Transformation that offers pioneering workshops and lectures in many countries on how to transform physical, emotional, mental issues within seconds via perception, consciousness and knowing the principles of quantum physics.

Now I am more into Embodiment, Action from BEing rather than DOing, Authenticity, Freedom, Naturalness, Connection, Collaboration. For years now, there is absolutely no divide between play and me and profession - it is all the same and one.

I have "jumped off the cliff" into the unknown many times... and the unknown always met my needs in ways completely unexpected. I have chosen to exit systems and structures that no longer served me or were too intrusive on my freedom or health. I have learned some principles that seem to work brilliantly in order to thrive, choose freedom, live authentically, build health, often embody happiness and joy, discern what will give me more of this or infringe on it.

The path to freedom is not for the faint-hearted who sell themselves short and prefer life to be comfortable and safe in every moment. If you'd rather be comfortable, safe and liked by everybody than be your full-blown awesome self set free and alive, this channel might not be your thing.

Who is this channel for?

I'd guess it is for deeply loving and empathic people who also want to embody their fierce and courageous side, and who genuinely want FREEDOM for themselves and all. The empowered empaths. 

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