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A Big Thank You from us. Gratitude is priceless. However it comes only when there is a start, and now that we have started there are a lot to come.
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Behind the scenes from Ravi Tour. Small contribution = Greater Fun




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About PureMassageWorld

Hello people,

Hello lovely people,
Welcome to  Patreon !

From checking ASMR videos on YouTube to creating Head Massage ASMR content on Puremassageworld this journey is smooth. 
You can check our YouTube Channel for the content we make. 
Check out now!
Over the time, our love for it grew as we were now able to go to different places from the money earned and deliver better videos. And we are not planning to stop here either, but for this we need more of funds. So if you appreciate what we do, pitch in. We will appreciate you right back!
We feel happy on making someone sleep well and that someone is everyone of you.
So through this we expect to reach up to maximum places and bring more amazing content for you people in return.
Help us so that we can help you!
Good Day!

P.S : This page was set up 3 years ago but I have been totally lazy on updates. With upcoming Ravi videos, I intend to raise more funds in order to reach him again. Help me in this journey.

$9 of $700 per month
It's not much of a money but enough for a good start. It will help us buy a new camera and visit some new places across India.

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