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About Purple Door Society

Welcome to the Purple Door Society, Women's Healing and Empowerment Patreon Membership Page.

Empower Yourself, Learn to Heal Yourself, Deepen and Empower The Gifts You Already Carry. RECLAIM Your Inherent Healing Gifts Through Your Own Body's Natural Connection to the Cycles of The Moon.

Energy Healers, Astrologers, Herbalists, Holistic Practitioners, Activists, Mothers, women of every walk of life will expand their abilities and connection in the most profound ways using simple (re)connection techniques that bring their practices back to their connected roots and into their full power.

You are women of power, women who hold medicine and gifts beyond measure. Whether you already have already stepped into your gifts, or you have not yet discovered what yours are, this connection, often long lost with our ancestors, can help you find your way back home, to know who you are, stand in your personal power, rejuvenate your tired spirit, and even heal your body.

Women today face so many challenges in our fast moving world. From raising children, keeping a home, paying the bills, to busy mundane jobs and more, the world expects so much of women.

Together we can re-imagine the world and co-create a new, more compassionate and regenerative culture that supports all people to discover and live to their full potential. Each and every woman who is supported to live into her passions and life purpose will, not only live a happier, more fulfilled life, she will also carry it forward into their families and communities.

The Purple Door Society's mission to help busy women re-connect to the Divine Feminine through our bodies natural cycles and inherent connection to Grandmother Moon. Through honoring our Moon Time, we experience deeper attunement to our inner truth, our ability to heal ourselves and others, our bodies needs, and all aspects of ourselves. When we’re supported in this connection, we take actions in our lives that are in alignment with our truest expression of ourselves, we lead lives filled with more purpose, passion, and fire for life.

It is our gift, our birth right as women, and our time to lead. It is time for women to support each other and pick up our bundles. Together, we are empowered.

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