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About Puzzlebox Props

What is Puzzlebox Props?

Puzzlebox Props creates some of the highest quality props and 3D printable model files available! Motivated by the pure love of the craft and community.  

So who is Puzzlebox Props?

Puzzlebox Props was founded by Jesse Hayes aka S2Jesse.   Who am i? Well that question is a little hard to define.  I know some people don't like term maker but... I am a robot builder, special effects artist, game designer, animator, astronomer, sculptor,  digital artist, Machinist, woodworker, photographer,  I love CNC, mechanical engineering, prop building, gunsmithing, making high end custom knives, electrical engineering.. and so so much more.  So when somebody asks "what  do  you do?" I think its easier to just go with maker.   I cant stop learning new things and hopefully I do a good job sharing that experience with others. 

So Why Pledge?

Your pledge gets you exclusive access to someif the highest quality 3d model files for printing as well as in-depth plans, live chats, and giveaways.  You can also treat any pledge dollars as a 1 to 1 coupon for any purchases such as props and or parts for projects up to 10% of the cost.  For instance, if you have pledged 5 dollars for 5 months you can subtract that  $25 directly from a purchase.  Some of the projects and rewards I'm working on are:

Current Projects
  • Lukes Macrobinoculars
  • Sidon Ithano Helmet
  • Coaxium Hyperfuel 
  • Enfys Nest Life Size Helmet from Solo.
  • Jyn Ersos Metal Blaster Replica from Rogue One:

Current Rewards
  • Replica Prop Model Files for 3D Printing Etc. 
  • Discounts
  • And More...

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