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About Puzzledbreadman

Who am I?
Hey! I'm an ASMRtist on YouTube. I aim to help you to relax, unwind and destroy the worries of the world! In a good way of course. Check out My YouTube Channel if you haven't already to see what all the malarkey is about! Then come back here for more exclusive content!

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Don't worry, you dont have to pledge to enjoy my content! But if you do like my videos and want more, this is a great place to get some! Not only that, but your support will help me to create better content as I will be able to get more props, costume, equipment (all the good stuff)!

Creating a video takes a lot of time. From writing a script, setting up, filming and post production, my blood, sweat and (often) tears are poured into my content. Although I do love doing it, your support makes me feel valued and encourages me to create better content!

What do you get?
Firstly, you get my thanks and love! This page was created for exclusive rewards that you don't get with YouTube such as behind the scenes pictures, updates and to share videos with a smaller, intimate group of people. Also, you have more of an imput in what content I create!
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