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Hello, hello, are we all sitting or standing comfortably? Those at the back can you hear me? Anybody need to pop off to the loo? Okay, if everyone's comfortable then we'll get started.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tim Smith and I write short stories. I publish them on WordPress and YouTube and publicise via FaceBook and Instagram. You can find me on either of those platforms as PuzzleWriter. 
Just like you, I work a full-time job to support myself. My writing, for the time being, is very much a project of passion. I'd like to change that, to be able to push all of my energy into writing more stories, creating more worlds for you to experience. I'm not asking for much, just whatever you think you can spare for a story or two. I'd suggest the price of a cup of coffee. For that, you'll get to see me grow and work as a new voice within this tangled, terrible, and wonderful consumption we call reality.
Ironically, words will never fully communicate how much it means to me that you put in a little of your hard-earned to help. For now, there's just a thank you, and a smile, and the intangible feeling of having been moved by the generosity of others.
$59 of $100 per null
Let's start small. Earning this much per story would represent a serious boost to my current earnings. Enough to begin cutting large sections of my personal debt away. It would also enable me to pay my editor a decent wedge for the invaluable work she does. 
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