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is creating proof of the paranormal/ paranormal help and advise team
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About paranormal world investigators

hello everyone im sherry the leader of my own  paranormal team who do lots of investigations and there will be more. we help people that are having problems with the paranormal world in there homes work places ect. this page is also for people who find what we do very interesting and want to lern more. also donations can be made if you want to serport us we would be very grateful we do what we do because of the love we have for the spirit world not for the money and we are not payed for are vidios just yet. we do what we do to help and support people with paranormal probloms and to help the spirit people also. all donations we get will go towards making our team grow any donations we recive will be put towords different equipment and travel and locations to investigate please don't feel you need to donate we do this because we are dedicated and love the  spirit people and we also love the spiritual world also are fans and followers are inportent to us and we thank you guys for all the amazing serport on are channel on you tube and vidme also thank you for the serport on are 2 groups on face book you guys also mean the world to us too spirits and fans are the best and who we need more then anythink  . :)    
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