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If you love Attack the Backlog, show it here and let's get weird. If we ever meet in person, I'll even let you touch my beard. But if you don't want a rash, you can settle on only touching my mustache.




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Who are we? What is Pixelated Sausage?
Pixelated Sausage is mostly the weirdly named love child of one Marc Kusnierz, who has an equally weird name that no one ever pronounces the right way. Since 2008, Pixelated Sausage has been home to almost 1,000 episodes of various podcasts--including Attack the Backlog and The Pixelated Sausage Podcast--hundreds of videos,  the occasional written review/preview, and, since day one, I have been doing it all for free. I love what I do and have a wide variety of interests, from video games to anime to movies and TV and everything in between, and I would love nothing more than to keep doing it forever and would love to do even more--like more consistent video content, features, and other such nonsense. In addition to all that, I have been creating art since I was in diapers and would love to continue doing that for a living, especially being able to create the art I love--which you can see an example of below--not just the art others love.

Anyway, If you like what Pixelated Sausage has been doing over the years and want to see more (or just want to support the site in general) think about pledging a few bucks a month because, while that may not seem like much, every penny counts and, depending on how many people support the site, a few bucks a month can really add up. And no, when it comes to rhyming, I will never give up.

What do the pledges go toward?
Every penny goes toward making Pixelated Sausage better. Whether it be new equipment to help increase production values, help in paying for hosting and the like, or anything that means I can put more time into the creation of the content you (hopefully) love. I want to create the best content I can and the most content I can--I want to give you both quality and quantity because I believe the two can coexist--and you can help me do that by becoming a patron.

Exclusive Content?
I know a lot of Patreons offer exclusive content in order to incentivize becoming a patron, but this is something I've never felt super comfortable with. If I create something, I want it to be able to be seen, read, consumed, etc, by as many people as possible, so, unless I fall off my yacht and lose all my memories, that's how things are going to remain. So what does that mean? By becoming a patron of Pixelated Sausage, you won't get content you can't get for free, you'll just get the pleasure of knowing you're helping that free content get made, and I hope, for some of you, that's enough.

Example of Marc's original artwork:

All that said, if you can't/don't want to pledge any money, that's fine, helping the site by telling other people about it and the like is also be greatly appreciated. No matter what you choose to do, thank you for taking the time to read this because you'd be surprised by how many people (probably) don't even do that. Thank you in more ways than words could ever describe. I love you all.


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