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About satah

we're people you meet outside of bars & i'm satah, an ontarian songwriter with big hair, big feelings, & mostly tiny instruments. i sing about death & anxiety & how it's like totally a bummer when a girl doesn't like you as much as you like her. it's a jauntier & more jocular time than you might expect, i PROMISE

🖤 g a y  g o t h  v i b e s  d o t  o n l i n e 🖤
all of my music is available on bandcamp for pay-what-you-want! alongside that, i put out song videos of both originals and covers on youtube. if you're generous enough to throw a buck my way, you'll get a bunch of extra stuff thrown at you with semi-random regularity-- 3am demos, WIPs, voice memos, maybe bloopers or something, & just whatever i think is Kinda Cute™. maybe some online shows just for you! we'll figure it out together!!!

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