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-All tiers have a chance at random art!-




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About Pyraff

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page. This page will, in the future, be the go-to for up-to-date information and exclusive looks at my large projects in the making. Those are a bit in the future, however! For now, this will serve as a tip jar of sorts, in order to give me a little extra help in being able to continue bringing you the content you love!
I will also use this as a space to conduct polls and raffles for my patrons, as well as random giveaways and special deals as my way of saying thank you for your support!
Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy!
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Down and Forward!

Peace of mind. $500 extra per month will allow me to keep up with paying down debts, especially new ones set to start cropping up in the next few months (yay, student loans!) Plus, it will give me a little extra to pay it forward to some more wonderful artists. :3 I can rest easy, stop trying so hard to push commissions (though still graciously accept them!) and allow myself time to focus on kickstarting some larger projects!
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