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About Pyrolight Productions

We make what we love, Films

We want to tell stories!

Pyrolight Productions is an independent film production company and we wish to remain that way. Many films, series and more end up in the "Hollywood" mentality and we don't really dig that. What we want to do in Pyrolight is simple. Tell Stories!

We want to bring a flair of professionalism and our own vibe to every project as well as telling stories in a way we have not seen them.
Like George Lucas once said.

"I didn't see the movies I wanted to watch, so I made them"


Why Patreon? Fair question my friend, Well...
As many of you already know, making films is a long and grueling process. We love every moment of it but lack of funding can really sink a project. Instead of going out to random companies or investors or completely out of pocket (We do that a lot) We want to use patreon to help us fund our many projects including music, films, web series and more. We also want this to be a chance for fans and supports alike to become part of the Pyrolight family on this wonderful journey of story telling, film making, and entertaining.

With that we hope you enjoy our films, help us patreon and become part of Pyrolights family
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We will preform live sketches,
Host watching parties to MST3K our own stuff
and way more.
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