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About Qalcove

Hi there! I'm Qalcove, a hobbyist illustrator and aspiring animator. This art account is dedicated exclusively to that one 2016 Disney flick with the animals (I also enjoy drawing normal animals!). I'm also currently working on "The ZPD" - a mocumentary mini-series produced by a team of awesome folks and myself as head of character. I've worked on a few comics [series] with the characters as they are, but I'm really interested in making a feral AU comic (previously titled "Little Things") in the future, with hopes to have a few minutes of it fully animated. I want to create higher quality work and comics that pay homage to the wonderful world of Zootopia with the goal to learn enough to enter a creative field in the future. 

Feel free to check out my art collection on DeviantArt here!

Thank you for considering to support me! Patreons can enjoy little things like:
  • early access to artwork and comics
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Your donations help me to improve my craft through education, allows me to save for hardware/software, and afford online courses, which all result in higher quality work. My true passion and interest is in animation and film, and everything I learn will hopefully be shown as my artwork improves!

Thank you again for stopping by!
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I'll start producing animations, with the long-term goal of creating a fully-finished short!
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