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Qapac makes reference to the great Inca and prehistoric road that once existed across the Americas and that connected the diverse cultures that existed hundreds of years ago. 
Music, the universal language, is the great path that unites the known and the unknown. It is a great path that encompasses many more. All sounds are musical to me and I want to communicate through them. I decided to start exploring sounds thanks to the technological leap of recent years, which today allows me to create music from cero.

I am sure that before the colonisation of the Americas there was a huge variety of amazing music. There are archaeological vestiges of instruments designed to imitate the sounds of natural phenomena such as pumas, birds, water, etc. Also, it is known that some prehispanic cultures of the Americas made music using pentaphonic scales.  dream of travelling back in time to listen the music of my ancestors.

I like to go trekking and camping high in the Andes Mountains, entheogens, out of body experiences, meditation, andean cosmovision, mental phenomena, consciousness, extraterrestrial contact.

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