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Sheikh Inamullah Mumtaz was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 28th, May, 1985. At the age of 23, he started the work of Deen after getting inspired by Late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. As being the Founder & the President of Qur’anic Da’wah Centre International which was established on 5th, Nov, 2010 in Lahore, Pakistan. It is the duty of this Centre to elaborate the missionary work for the readers. The purpose of this Islamic Centre is to educate maximum people (Muslims & non-Muslims) in the field of Da’wah; we do comparative studies in various fields & contrasts like “Islam & Christianity”, “Islam & Science”, “Islam & Secularism”, “Islam & Atheism”, “Islam & Democracy”, Islam & Communism, Islam & Capitalism, Islam & Fitnah Dajjal etc. Our pivotal mission is to call people into the house of Islam, the people who do not know about the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as being the last and final messenger and warner of Allah Almighty sent out to this world. Islam is only the non-Christian faith which makes it an article of faith to its followers to believe in Jesus Christ PBUH, no Muslim is a Muslim if he or she does not believe in Jesus PBUH, we believe that he is one of the mightiest messengers of God, we ought to believe that he quickened the dead by God’s permission, and healed those born-blind and lepers by God’s permission, the only parting ways are these: we say he is not the son of god, not the begotten son of god, and he did not die for anybody’s sins, he was the messenger and servant of Allah as he claimed to be. Christians are the highest in filling the census forms than anybody else and on other hand Muslims are the highest in practicing Deen than anybody else but still Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth. As Islam came 600 years after Christianity so in other words Islam is prevailing and superseding all other way of lives. Islam is the only way of life which is compatible with this world, all other systems are failed to provide social justice to humanity. The successful socio-politico-economic system is only mentioned in the Holy Quran in detail. Do pray for the Founder/President of ‘QDCI’ that may Allah reward and grant him success in this field and mission of propagation and protect him from all kinds of commotions (fitnah) and malevolencies. And accept his efforts on the Day of Judgment. This Islamic Centre will always be the protégé of late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat & Dr. Israr Ahmed. Hope the efforts of this center may fall in result of producing more Da’aes in Islam to propagate the real Deen throughout the world. AMEEN YA RABBAL ALAMEEN!
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I have to have 700 US dollars every month to update our office work. Video lectures and especially the work for the books. This will be the beginning to start our project.
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