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About Quinn Delaney

Hello! My name's Quinn, and I'm an aspiring tabletop game developer! I've been homebrewing and reading up on various TTRPG systems for the decade or so that I've been into the hobby, by both well-known and -funded developers and anonymous folks on the internet, and I think it's time to throw my own hat into the ring. I've worked on several different small homebrew systems and settings before, and made enough mistakes in the process to work out what does and doesn't work-- but I'm still not done learning, and I'm well aware of that.

At present, the main project I'm working on is Sword Swingin' Sorcery, a "character action role-playing game" that takes design elements from video games in the "character action" or "stylish action" subgenre and tries to synthesize them with the tabletop medium, complete with an original fantasy punk setting that mixes grim, gritty lows with glittering highs.

If you donate, you'll be helping to support me as I work on this and various side projects, brush up on my art skills and writing, move on to other projects once this one's done, and potentially even branch out into other media! My attitude is that there's no point in being a one-trick pony. Once I add donation tiers, you'll also be helping to keep me motivated, focused, and organized, since keeping up with rewards requires me to be all of those things. In return, I'll do my best to make stories, art, and games that you enjoy. Let's make this a winning arrangement for both of us!
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