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Hey folks Quentin here. If you're not familiar with me please read my bio: 

Quentin Kenihan was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which meant his bones broke all the time among other things. At seven, he became famous because of the Mike Willesee documentary QUENTIN. Australians fell in love with Quentin for his wit and unique take on life and over the years he drifted in and out of public view for reasons this book will reveal. Quentin is a disability activist, lmmaker, stand-up comedian, radio host, actor and lm critic. Quentin’s stage show ‘Quentin: I’m 40 ... Now What?’ sold out at the Adelaide Fringe. He appeared in the latest Mad Max lm ‘Fury Road’ and is currently the host of BIG on ABC radio. 

I'm creating a Patreon Page so that in 2017 I can make better quality, better content from my Youtube Channel. Please support me!
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