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About Hazel Marie

Hi, folks! My name is Hazel Marie. I'm a trans girl dealing with disabilities and making comics and cute art. I post most of my art on my twitter where I also tweet about mental illness, disabilities, but mostly lots and lots of memes.

(that's my current draft for my autobio comic cover)

Patreon is a simple and easy way to support my art as well as my life in general. Because of my disabilities and various medical conditions I'm currently not able to work and Patreon is my main method of getting money back for my art. 

My life changes all the time, I'm constantly moving and trying new medical treatments, and my health is in constant flux so rewards on Patreon will bend and change too. No matter how much you pledge you will have my eternal gratitude and love for helping me live my life and create my art!

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I will launch a discord server with special patreon roles and channels just for YOU my patrons!!  
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