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We are an independent collective of artists and we have a particular way of working with film. We don't want to get involved in the film production system of values and commercialism.
Our films have often spiritual themes and non pleasant subjects, not for entertainment but for contemplation and meditation.
Our projects started in 2012 with the video MENO, a noise butoh video, then we made the feature film Sleep Awake 2012, then we made #Beings in 2015. And the project of videoart Sinnesinth. You can find all our films for free on vimeo. Link bellow. 

Your help is symbolic. Pledging for 2E/month is a beautiful way to tell people this project is supported by people. Not only liked and consumed for free but there is an exchange of blood between us. Which is the purest for of exchange between artist and the world. 

for more about our films and work see our main site

I really believe in the personal support of an artist so that he can make art for free and in freedom. And not chasing institutions or commercialism. I really believe in the direct connection between artist and people. A personal and intimate one. As art always should be. Institutions made art just a political instrument. Commercialism made art just an design and ornamental instrument. Its only in the human direct and personal experience that art can reach its true purity. Its pure truth.

These money is enough will go to pay the actors and food an gas for filming. Everyone is doing it out of love an belief in the ideas and themes of these projects. There is no alternate motives, no commercial motives.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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