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is creating Live Streams, Videos, and The Nerdiest Wedding We Can
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About Quarantine Media

Thank you so much for checking us out. We are Quarantine Media, our dream is to make content that people live to watch, interact with, and play on. We are still working on what we want everyone to get from this page but here is what we are working on and who we are.

Who are we?
Burns "Jon Doe" Johansson

Burns works IT for a living and spends most his time trying to edit videos or working on servers. His current passion project he really wants to get off the ground is putting together a gaming server for fans and gamers to have fun and socialize on.

Shannon "Shae" Montague

During the day Shannon works at a Boba/Asian food court and at night she streams games while yelling a lot. Her current main project is planning a wedding and making a wedding dress. Her passion project she wants to work on is cosplay, her main character goal is Harley Quinn.

Jon "Jon IRL" Johansson

What we are working on?

Nerdy Wedding

Shannon & Burns are currently engaged and are planning on getting married spring 2019. They are working to have a majorly nerdy wedding and with that want to find as much help as they can to get it done.

We are hoping to share as much behind the scenes info with people who help. This means you will see photos, videos, live streams, and will help us make major decisions for our wedding.

Props & Cosplay

Jon, Burns, and Shannon have spent years making cosplays and props for them selves and just recently started making ones for other people. We want to see what we can make and see what people want us to make. And as we make props and costumes people on Patreon will get to see our sketch books and thought processes.

Gaming Servers
For the past few months Burns has been building out gaming servers in his free time and now has more time to focus on it but at the same time is looking for help so that he doesn't work himself to death.

The first gaming server we have running is a Minecraft one that is in need of staff. Once that one is up Burns plans on getting a modded Minecraft server running along with a couple Garry's Mod servers.

Thank you again for checking us out and I hope we get to show you what we are working on.

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When we start earning $20 a month we will release IT/Server guides as we work on and build out our servers.
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