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Hello potential matrons and patrons, welcome to my page. 
I joined Patreon to be identified and to identify potential collaborators with whom I can develop my Intellectual Property (IP) or work on closely-related topics. I specialize in space propulsion and thermo-electrical power technologies and their adaptation for 21st century society in general. The awareness-raising, outreach and research are time-consuming and I would really appreciate your support in assisting me to develop technologies that improve our quality of life. For highly committal and frequently-supporting matrons and patrons, there is an offer of share-ownership in my limited company in the event that it becomes viable, self-sustaining from sales profits, and the IP can be monetized as a high-impact product. For matrons and patrons of lower commitment levels, a world of new ideas await, that can impact our day to day life in fantastic ways, and I would like to share this experience with you.

A Short Biography

I hold a masters degree in physics (MPhys, 2002) and have a philosophy doctoral degree (PhD., 2008) in electrical engineering from the University of Liverpool (UoL).

I was awarded the PhD. whilst starting a postdoctoral research fellowship at the European Space Agency (ESA, 2008) European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) under the supervision of Dr Jose Antonio del Amo, head of the electric propulsion section. My duties involved the characterization of existing spacecraft thrusters (ion, Hall-effect and field emission electric propulsion or FEEP) and one of the experimental thrusters I evaluated was Roger Shawyer's electromagnetic "(EM) Drive" as well as conceptual thrusters propelled by the solar wind.

Since leaving ESTEC in 2010, I have been hired independently by a number of clients as an engineering consultant and developed intellectual property (IP) for them. I have filed for patents predominantly in technologies pertaining to power and propulsion but have withheld from making peer reviewed publications until I am hired by an academic institution. To do otherwise would be to disclose IP without the security of being funded first.

In 2015 I reached the semi-finals of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Climate CoLab contest. In 2016, I reached the finals and was invited on campus for the "Crowds and Climate" Conference. I found that just as in the UoL and surrounding institutions, MIT and its affiliated institutions do not specialize in the fields required to develop the technological concept I proposed in the contest. Perhaps with Patreon, I can identify a research group after global outreach to move the ideas I will share (with my matrons and patrons) forwards!
Many thanks for your support,

$0 of $2,325 per month
If goal one of three is reached, then at a minimum timescale of twelve months I will be able to seek out collaborators in at least one climate-change mitigation or game-changing technological concept, which has already been feasibility-tested.

Your much-needed support will help me with business overheads and enable me to work with partners in academia and industry on a full-time basis.

This is a "big deal", because from 2010 to 2016, I have not been able to identify viable collaborators from my existing (yet growing number of) contacts. By sharing my publicized work and offering me your much-needed support, I can reach out to more potential collaborators faster!

Be sure to read on to see the "treat" in store for loyal matrons and patrons at goal 3 of 3's section at the bottom...
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