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Quboo - Improve Code Quality with Gamification

Quboo is a Web Application to encourage Software Developers to build Great Quality Software using Gamification. The name is a short version of Code Quality Boosters.

When you build software you always have good intentions but, after some time, you will surely find:
  • Code that is not covered by Unit Tests.
  • Potential bugs.
  • Tricky, difficult to maintain blocks.
  • etc.

Fixing this legacy code is boring (I'm a developer too). But you need to do it if you want to pay your technical debt and make your code more flexible to new changes.

Quboo transforms the data retrieved from Sonar into points and badges. Your team can participate in this game together with other teams and compete for the highest score as Code Quality Boosters. Sonar is a great tool that is present nowadays in many organizations to monitor these problems with your code. It exposes a REST API, and Quboo uses it to retrieve data.

Help me continue with the development of Quboo and extend it with new Badges, features, and integrations with other tools.
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