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About QueendSheena

Hi, I'm Sheena-kay Graham aka QueendSheena.

I'm a freelance writer from Jamaica covering book and movie reviews, film, culture, media, and fandom. I have written for Medium, Bookends, among other publications. I also chat about fandom, entertainment and social issues on Twitter. Plus my blog QueendSheena. I'm also working on novels for publication and you can find out more about that via Tumblr and my @sheenakgraham account.  

Which comes to why I have decided to become a patreon creator. I love writing and enjoy sharing my creativity with others. I can't work outside with my ailments and often tire in minutes. Working online is the only way I can make any money safely with chronic illness, arthritis, and chronic fatigue. Patreon helps me expand my reach while also getting paid. 

For those who join each tier gives you a chance to enjoy benefits. Including exclusive articles, meeting me on Skype and more. Incoming is a video essay Youtube channel. Once that's up I'll be adding an option for voting on topics. Thank you for joining my tribe.

Past Articles Include:

Color Blindness is a Lie

Novel Excerpt

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I will do a two-hour patreon exclusive live stream on Youtube and answer any questions you might have. I have never done live videos so this will be a treat just for you guys.

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