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This Patreon is about supporting Queen Isabella's Revenge's writers, authors, community and the costs that come with having a life outside of the work we do. If you donate, we will be using the funds to do the following: fund website hosting, paying writers for their content; and to that end, to give our readers and audience a home that is independent of Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media website.

This is important, because Facebook's Terms of Service along with Google's Youtube claims that all content created legally belongs to them, and they can censor and shut us down at will. This should alarm anyone with an opinion that is even slightly out of the mainstream.

At Queen Isabella's Revenge, we're all about fostering an understanding of the current world, its ills, and the remedies it needs. This can be controversial and sometimes our dedicated audience doesn't even want to hear it. But as a general plea, you as a patron of the arts should be concerned whenever a corporation or government attempts to hinder individuals from expression.

Freedom of speech was not added in the latter centuries to protect talking about the weather, but about talking about controversial topics that are important to being a well informed person. That is our ultimate goal. To give the reader the tools and the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about his or her life from the basic to the long term.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us in the past and thank you future readers who we will be working very hard to create content which will change your life, your perspective, or perhaps a friend who really needs it. If you ever want to contact us, we will soon have an email address for each admin and editor, as well as a general email address that you can send us your thoughts too. Even if you just need someone to talk to, we are here for you. And we hope that you'll be here for us too.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
The QIR Captain and Crew
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Create an independent website that will allow us to expand into every sector of the internet and to also allow us the ability to dedicate more time to content creation.
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