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About Queer Cave Gaming

Queer Cave, we are an international multi-platform LGBTQ+ gaming community, and we're inviting people from all backgrounds to come join our community! We won’t ask about your past, but we want you to be a part of our future here at Queer Cave. Our primary focus is to gather players from around the world to create an immersive, fun and memorable gaming experience, and we want you to be a part of it!
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This goal is based on making a new minecraft server fully modded out. In order for us to make this happen for you guys, were gonna need the help financially. We the owners pay for everything out of pocket... But in order to bring a modded minecraft server, means we need a way bigger VPS to run smoothly for everyone. If your interested and would like to help Queer Cave Gaming grow, donate what you can. Every dollar is appreciated <3

~Thank you guys for all of the support 

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