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Who I am:

I'm Dana Fox. That's me, above, causing a scene on public transport and causing a mess doing my make up. I'm a writer, podcaster and Tarot Card reader.

I'm fully engaged with magical practice to the point where even taking the bins out now seems like a spiritual act.

I divide my time between my husband, reading and researching, tending to the garden and feeding the wildlife (both physical and non-corporeal) which finds its way to the house.

What I do:

I'm writing a book called The Queer Magick Manifesto. It's about how to prevent this slow-burn apocalypse caused by ego, greed, consumerism and intolerance. Not just survive it, but to resist it, actively stop it from continuing. 

So, through a sincere and urgent call to action, I will be addressing the following:
Intolerance and ignorance - racism, transphobia, homophobia (and many other forms).

The problems caused by social media and technology.

Environmental issues - climate change, wastage, pollution. 

The detrimental effects of how many modern societies have lost touch with spirituality.

By bringing these problems into focus, while identifying the root causes and the main perpetrators, I then set out some ways to counteract these damaging issues through: 

Empathy as the most useful antidote; what it is and how to practice it in everything you do.

Engagement with each other - and The Other.

Political, spiritual and social involvement at an effective and realistic level.

Engagement with Spiritual practice. 

Engagement with Nature and the environment.

What you do when you support me:

I work during the day and I have Tarot Clients to provide for. I also have a husband to love, a washing machine to load and a severely underused vacuum cleaner. I live in one of the most expensive, overcrowded cities in the world and this hair doesn't dye itself.
By becoming my patron, your contributions will enable me to cut down my working hours, giving me the time to write and, eventually, the funds I need for things like an editor, commissioned art work and promotion. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

What you get for supporting me:

 I joined Patreon because I love the idea of being able to give more to my supporters than a reply to their Facebook comment. So here's my chance to do it. For those willing to financially support this venture, you receive things like:

Access to my mental sketchbook on the way to constructing the Queer Magick Manifesto. This takes the form of blogs, podcasts and videos. 

Samples of my home made loose incense - all natural and all crafted by me. 

Full and personal monthly Tarot Card readings. 

All rewards are at different tier levels, of course, but there is something for everybody.


More about The Queer Magic Manifesto: 

The Queer Magick Manifesto is about what you can do when you realise that the fragile, beautiful things we need as human beings are being lost underneath a cacophony of hatred, hyperbole and instant gratification. Things like love, kindness, empathy, peacefulness are being pushed aside because they don't make somebody money.

It's about how to deal with the realisation that unless a global paradigm shift occurs relating to how we think, act, engage and communicate, the majority of the Human Race is going to go the way of the dinosaurs.

The Queer Magick Manifesto is written for witches, magicians and queer people, by somebody who knows the score and is as concerned about the future as you are. And that future is suddenly very close.

It's about the kind of urgent action which is required in today's spiritual climate, when the icecaps are disappearing faster than free gin at an private viewing and the Far Right is rising like the dog’s tail before it poops on Nan’s carpet.

Dana Fox 

4% complete
When I reach $200 per month, I will be able to afford to drop a day of work and devote more time to writing this book. Thank you for your pledges so far!
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