Queer Nature

is creating Queer Ancestral Futurism [ancestral skills for lgbtq2ia+ folks]



About Queer Nature

Our Vision:

Queer Nature
is a project based in the central Rocky Mountains that actively dreams into decolonially-informed queer futurism through mentorship in ancestral skills and earth-craft. The way this currently looks is creating financially accessible workshops where queer folks learn and teach various ancestral earth-based skills. One of our goals is to work on creating more immersive multi-day programming, since most of the programs we create and facilitate are single day or weekend-long. We also seek to contribute to a queer ecopoetics through art, writing and making inspired by the confluences of queerness, ecology, race and indigeneity, intersectionality, and eco-mysticism.

Our Mission:

We recognize that many people, including LGBTQ2+ people and womxn, have historically not had easy access to the culture of "outdoor recreation" on Turtle Island. Pursuits like hunting, fishing, camping, and "survival skills" have been difficult to access or relate to for folks who didn't grow up hunting, in Boy Scouts, or in the military. Additionally, LGBTQ2+ community has historically formed in urban America—in places like bars and clubs—the wilderness has not necessarily been a welcoming place for us. To create a space for women and LGBTQ2+ people to access their natural human right to these skills of belonging is a revolutionary act in today's world. We envision ecological awareness and the queer storying of Land as vital and often overlooked parts of the healing and wholing of populations who have been systemically silenced and marginalized, such as the LGBTQ2+ population, especially trans and queer people of color. Ecological awareness is deep relationship building with living and non-living earth systems through ancestral-futurist resilience skills including naturalist knowledge, ‘survival’ skills, handcrafts, and local cultural/natural history.


Queer Nature is the co-vision of queerdo couple-o'-creatures Pinar and So Sinopoulos-Lloyd... plus all of the lovely queer folks, allies, comrades, and the more-than-human-world with whom we are in community, because visions are not birthed in a vaccuum...


100% complete
We will be able to take the space to regularly offer free monthly meet ups (hikes, movie 'nights,' field trips to Rocky Mtn Arsenal, etc) in the Boulder/Denver area! These would be drop-in style, organized gatherings that would be more casual than a skills class, but would definitely be naturalist oriented and a space to geek out on Gaia with other queers!
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