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About Queer Skate Date

Hello all of you Girls, Bois, Womyn, POC, Trans, Non-Binaries, & Queers!!

Santa Cruz is a cultural hub for white/macho male, inflated ego bro's with an agenda to bash others who aren't heteronormative surf jocks or skater bois. A large proportion of the shopping in downtown Santa Cruz is made up of corporate skate and surf shops who capitalize on the culture of what normie's would consider cool and fashionable. Those who are stylistically unique, or just learning the basics of skating are often scrutinized or made fun of because of the overwhelming insecurities surrounding the collective heteronormative male ego.

In response..

We, (Kate Thompson and Rip Florence), are helping by creating and making Queer Skate Date a resource && safe space for Queer people in the Santa Cruz community!

We host regular local skate meet ups for queer, radical, skateboarders, rollerbladers, roller skaters, bikers, scooter kids! We try to make room for people to come hang out with more people like themselves! Encouraging skaters of all ability levels to come learn how to ride, roll, and skate in a supportive, nurturing environment is our goal!! <33

Our Skate Dates are completely free and we often provide snacks, bottled water, and other refreshments for people who come to participate!

Currently, we are trying to raise the funds to make a banner for our meet ups. It is going to cost around a few hundred dollars to make. That is why we made this page! Please help us make our banner for our events!!! 

Thanks everyone for your time!
Kate & Rip
$113 of $130 per creation
Once we make $130 we can make our official Queer Skate Date banner!! This will help us be visible at our meet ups and provide a lil vibe & decor to our sessions!! Art by Void$prout aka Reyna Gallardo!! <3 
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