is creating an illustrated view to my mind
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If you generously donate $1 (66p) or more per month to the World Of Querstret, you will be helping to power my brain and I shall transform you into an Honorary Q-Brain Cell.

I will draw and name you as a new cell which shall then be given a home with all the other Q-Brain cells on www.querstret.co.uk

All these extra pennies will feed and nourish my creative brain!... mmmm brain power
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If you are so kind to donate $5 (£3.30) per month or more, then you need to have an eternal reminder of how wonderful and generous you are!

I will individually make YOU a 'Q-Brain Cell' I.D card, this can act as a daily reminder to you and others of what a tip-top-great person you are!
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Roll around in your Honorary Q-Brain Cell status

Wowzer! Well should you decide to be incredibly generous and donate $10 (£6.61) per month or more, I would be over the moon and probably squeal with excitement, while doing a little happy dance! (seriously)

This mega generosity would need rewarding to the max... you would have the perks of being transformed into an Honorary Q-Brain Cell on the website, receive your official I.D card and also find an exciting package arriving in the post.

Everyone loves getting happy post and this package would be jammed packed with happy Querstret nonsense (including comics, prints and surprises).




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About Querstret

Become an Honorary Q-Brain Cell!!

Why and how - I hear you ask... Well...

If you enjoy the nonsense World of Querstret and would like to find a way to support the creative work, here is the place for you!

All you have to do is kindly make a monthly pledge. In return for your generosity, I will transform you into an Honorary Q-Brain Cell.

Join the Q-Club today and nourish my creative mind!
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I currently do not have a specific goal, other than that I'd like to seek support from those who enjoy my creative nonsense. Any pledges and support would be very welcomed.
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