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Welcome to Question it all, Thanks for joining us and supporting our efforts. This idea started when my kids were beginning elementary school and I realized how much information will be taught to them that may not be quite accurate. So I started studying history again and this time I was invested. While looking back in time, I some how collided with religion. The more I researched, the more disturbed I became. I started trying to answer questions that many church leaders either shy away from or they just chalk it up to faith. I soon found that I wasn't the only one going through this and wanted to share my continued journey with anyone who is on the path or want to walk this narrow path. Question it all was born. I hope you find our material and odd sense of humor refreshing.
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when I reach 500 patrons I will be able to hire an editor and release better quality videos. My goal is to be able to commit more time to the research.
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