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Magical amulets. Dangerous quests. The dying land of Kalyria, and a chance for heroism and eternal glory.

This is a scripted audio series: a mashup of the olden-day radio drama and the modern scripted podcast, melded together into a uniquely original, imagination-driven type of storytelling. Each episode is professionally recorded by our amazing cast in Atlanta, and scored by our master orchestral composer in Colorado. We're bringing professional quality back to audio storytelling, and it's one of the things we're most proud of.

The series, set inside a fantasy video game, pokes fun at such games and the nerds who play them, while whole-heartedly embracing the best tropes and cliches of these fantasy stories. There are layers of humor designed for the entire family to enjoy together: specialized niche comedy for nerds, broad, silly humor for kids, and clever (we think) wordplay and situational humor for adults.

QoH centers around the seven kingdoms in the mythical land of Kalyria. Each king/queen was given an amulet with special magical qualities to protect the kingdom. Unfortunately, the rulers grew hungry in their own selfish quests for ultimate power, and each attempted to amass the other six amulets in addition to their own. Through the ages, the amulets have all been lost, stolen, broken, or misused, which means the entire land is in pretty desperate straits.

Follow our heroes: Prima (a wood elf), Duncan (a human warrior), Noggin (an animal-loving dwarf), Hap (a mischievous gnome), Amarra (a star elf), and Slivver (a human rogue), as they band together against dangerous creatures, treacherous elements, kings and queens, former friends, and ultimately the forces of evil to find, repair, and restore the seven amulets to their rightful places in Kalyria.

This is the quest. These are the heroes.

This is Quest of Heroes.
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