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It's all downhill from here.
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This is only the starting point to it. If you do this, you are successful. Congrats. I'll shout you out at the beginning of my stream.
The Supporters
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I'm not sure why you would even want to donate a single dollar, let alone 5... But hey, you do you. Anyways, I'm gonna shout you out at the beginning of every stream and YouTube video I do. Good job.
The Sweethearts
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Wow... That's nice of you... Maybe a little too nice...

If you donate this amount I'll shout you out on all platforms and I'll make you a mod for my stream... Of course if you abuse this or break my rules (i.e. Being racist, prejudice, disgusting, banning/timeout for no reason, etc.) I will unmod you, regardless of how much you donate.




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We did it... We got money. My plan to eventually become supreme chancellor of the universe is now in motion.
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