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About r33fsharks

hi guys! welcome to my patreon :) my name is melody kerstetter and i'm a digital artist, aspiring filmmaker, screenwriter, and all-around creator. one day i'd love to be able to live off the things i create and i'm so excited to be taking the first step to that with patreon and ko-fi. thank you so so much if you choose to donate, and if you don't, thanks anyways for looking at my work! with my patreon you'll be able to view exclusive drafts, sketches, and works in progress. on top of that i hope to be able to start working on a podcast soon! thanks so much for joining me on this journey and helping me out. much love!

twitter: @maxatttack
instagram: @r33fsharks and @melodykerstetter
tumblr: @r33fsharks

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