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is creating a game to save my world.
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Hello, Patrons,

I am Ryan Allen from McCool, Mississippi and I am a CreatorI work in a wide range of mediums. Its been my preference to be a Jack of All Trades. From Concept to Final Edit, I work it all in Film, Music, Art and Gaming. Soon, I hope to be making some free to use content for everyone. I also want to create a better community for Film, Music, Games and Art in Mississippi were I have been let down in the past.
Your patronage helps me stay in the creation game, supporting the growth of a creator and other artists I will work with financially until we have finished a production that we can be proud to sell to the world. Your support is greatly needed and highly appreciated! Fun fact - The Producer is the person who puts money toward making a film or other project. 
Thanks to you in advance,
Ryan Allen

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If you wanna fund something other than Trump's Border Wall, please consider funding this. I have been trying to get my student loans taken care of, but no one would fund a For-Profit institute like Full Sail from 2011 - 2013. This was only brought to my attention after I was denied grants because I went to a For-Profit school. It slowly became clear that I was not going to get any funding. The job market is real thin in my home town. The last time I was hired, it was a social media job that ended in a month. Now I'm faced with the real possibility that I and my mom are facing jail time if we can't make monthly payments. I'm doing what I can to help her make payments ( $400+ monthly!) all while trying to pay my own priced at the same amount monthly. A 50 year old woman should not be punished for giving her kids a good education. In return for your support; When I reach 50 patrons, I will start releasing builds of my game. The goal is to release every two monthsI will also have more downloads of my content for patrons. 
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