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About Rabbit Richards

Well, hello, there. 

I'm so excited you've decided to stop by.  If this were my kitchen, I'd already be offering you tea.  In fact, if you'd like to take a moment to make a cup of tea, I'm happy to wait.  Here's a track I love to listen to while the water boils. 

I am a poet.  (It's just as cool saying that out loud as you'd think it would be.)  My tools are phonemes and glottal stops and silence and occasionally microphones.  I often collaborate with visual artists, instrumentalists, DJs, and educators.  It's great fun and sometimes it even changes lives.  

There are great things in my future.  In the immediate, more touring, two books, recording, a podcast...  Looking ahead, I'm excited to design a line of greeting cards with phenomenal visual artist @LydieJo.  I'm working on publishing more with a view to joining the League of Canadian Poets.  And I have secret dreams of a (web?)comic, but don't tell.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of costs that come along with the opportunities I've been afforded.  For one thing, travel within Canada is cripplingly expensive, and I am not good at turning down gigs because they don't pay travel or room and board.  There are a lot of resources for which I'm able to barter or trade, but when I collaborate, I prefer to pay other artists in cash dollars.  And in the dream world, I own my own equipment. Your money makes it possible for all these things to be realistic, achievable goals.

And now, I think we both could use an Irish soda bread (or the treat of your choice - baths are lovely).
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my current expense threshold : i and my cat both eat, I continue to make new and exciting strides in poetry, and I begin to publish regularly.
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