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About Rabid Squirrel Ninja

Making comics has always been a fun pastime for me. Whatever enjoyment you might find in these comics, your support means 10x more to me. I'm hoping this page stays up for a while and I'll get to change this description to something less sappy real soon!!

Current Projects:


Have you ever been reading comic about pirates but wished they were a little more.... you know... swishy? YOU'RE IN LUCK! That's what I had in mind when I started making some one-off comics.  The comic is basically an excuse to write really bad puns but it's become a way for me to start learning digital painting.  Subvert the engendered patriarchy of the pirate tales of yore and stay tuned for something fabulous mateys!!

Look for the #swishbucklers hashtag every Tuesday!

For What It's Worth

My comic journal. I chose this title cos I often use my journal to experiment with different styles, both traditional and digital. Look for the hashtag #fwiw for some simple diary strips.

Gallery Pieces

I get ideas for different series of paintings or designs. Stsy store coming soon with originals, prints and stickers coming soon.  For now, Patrons can catch work in progress by checking  the hashtag #wip.
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If it looks like I start to get enough interest, I'd be happy to start a weekly streaming session so I can work and hang out with patrons.
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