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About Rachael Stevens

When someone tells you that your situation is hopeless, it feels almost impossible to hold onto hope. I know what it means to go to war with my own thoughts of anxiety & self-hatred. I understand mental health can be a battleground; a fierce daily struggle & an intensive fight
....but I also know the war can be won.

THANK YOU for supporting us to create, make, write, record, speak, communicate & design content which communicates a message of HOPE. You help us to acknowledge the problem of mental illness, but also to accentuate hope and solutions through creativity.

THANK YOU for empowering us to speak life into lifeless situations, to emphasise the joy of connection & challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

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I'm passionate about creatively communicating a message of hope & recovery from mental illness, having nearly lost my life to a severe eating disorder and a suicide attempt as a teenager. 

2017: Finalist ACT Young Australian of the Year
2016:  ACT Young Woman of the Year Award

I believe there is purpose in pain and therefore choose to share my story of recovery. My husband Tom & I travel throughout Australia to communicate a message of hope to thousands of young people in High Schools. 

Despite being hospitalised into a psychiatric ward, dropping out of high school and being informed I would never be able to work or study full time for the remainder of my life.....

Today my life looks remarkably different.

I'm currently studying my Masters in Health, Culture & Medicine. Tom & I are a team and work together to passionately promote positive messages around mental health.

When I was unwell I was exposed to countless books, videos & content which were frankly depressing. While clinical representations of mental illness and symptoms are important, there is also a need to personalise and understand mental illness through lived experience. 
We need messages around mental health to be positive, future-focused, motivating, creative & relatable.

Patreon is a platform which allows you to come on the journey with us. 

It facilitates collaboration, connection and the creation of a like-minded community.
We can't do this alone! We need your input, support & whatever you can give to help us make our work sustainable, have longevity and increase its impact and reach.

We are incredibly honoured that you would support us in this way. 

Your support means we can concentrate on what matters, have a far greater reach than we would on our own & create high-quality content which speaks HOPE into HOPELESS situations.


Organisations/Businesses Rachael has worked with:

The Skeleon Diaries is the true story of my dark and gripping journey to recover from a severe eating disorder and depression. 

When I was fifteen years-old I was rushed to hospital, placed in a wheelchair and threatened with a feeding tube. Severely underweight, I was told that I had a mental illness and might not survive. Placed in psychiatric care I fought not only to regain weight, but to take back my mind and life. My personal journey is vividly told through a series of raw diary entries. The book reveals that mental health can be a battleground; a fierce daily struggle and intensive fight.

"Rachael is a skilled advocate for young people experiencing mental health concerns. By thoughtfully sharing her own story, Rachael highlights both the reality of struggling with mental health and wellbeing and the joy of recovery and connection."

"Goose bumps and tears! Great Job"

"So very true, I love how poetic you are & your philosophy expressing about Anxiety is truly remarkable "

"I love your posts . .they are wonderful . .I shared as always . .x"

"This brought me to tears."

"Wonderful powerful message that we ALL need to hear."

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