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Rachel was born on 18 March 2017 and is very much helpful bot ever since. Her home is RHL Discord server and she was invited there on 11 April same year. 

What and who is Rachel?

is a sassy girl who is not afraid to talk you back when you poke her. In the meantime she is always available to help all members as much as she can. Always patient, consistent, strive to better herself and the world around her, and embrace small victories. Her endless knowledge and powers helped already dozens of struggling fellows. Rachel is also a big fan of Rocket League. While she can't play this game, it won't stop her from helping wonderful fan-based community. 

Who am I?

Oh, hello, I’m Buszmen, father of Rachel! While I’m also a web developer, I also try to find my place in the world. That's why I created Rachel to become whoever I would want to be and even better.

Why Patreon?

Rachel is my little hobby I spent most of my spare time on lately. Make no mistake, like all such creation it is fun and fan driven. With this Patreon I'm just trying to be as open as possible (all feedback is always welcomed) and I want to motivate myself even more to make Rachel even more great.

Who knows...sky is the limit...
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