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About Rachel Dollard

Hi friends, I'm Rachel.

I care deeply about wellness on all levels and am interested in making spiritual practices, meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, etc. more available to folks who want to grow in their awareness of self and God. My hope is for this space to be a source of nourishment for those who are new to the practices and those who are more experienced. 

Though I strongly believe these practices are beneficial for everyone [and for persons from all traditions], it's important for you to know that I come from a Christocentric perspective and the offerings here will often reflect that. 

I am a Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Director, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, so my inspiration comes from each of these areas. 

When I'm not creating material for you to enjoy or meeting with a spiritual directee, you can find me having coffee with a dear friend, exploring Minneapolis with my one-year-old, or running around in the park with my husband, goldendoodle, and son.  

I hope this space will be mutually beneficial - YOU receive practices that awaken you to deeper awareness of yourself and the ways God is active in your life and I receive money to continue doing this work. I am so grateful for your interest in spiritual practices and in your support of my offerings. 

With gratitude,

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