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is creating poetry and workshops to re-story the world.
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As mycellium, you make up the underground network mushrooms use to transport nourishment and information across huge distances- staying interconnected makes us resilient.


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Mosses grow in bright bright light and deep deep dark - and everywhere in between.


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About Rachel Economy

What is Patreon?
Welcome! Thank you for considering becoming a Patron. Patreon works as an ecosystem of mutual support, where artists and communities help each other sustain and thrive. To subscribe, simply click the "Become a Patron" button in the upper right corner of the page.

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a re-storyer. I help artists and changemakers create stories and systems for a world that thrives. That means I:

  • Write and perform poetry
  • Teach writing and sustainable garden design - "skills for the next world"
  • Edit literary/arts publications  
  • Help clients and organizations design gardenscreative projects and practicesrituals, and workshops / meetings
All of my work seeks to re-imagine and regenerate the world, so that world wil be more just and resilient for people and land. I call this work "re-storyation" - re-designing how we live and work in the world so that it matches the stories we truly want to live by.

What you get when you become a Patron:

  • Video updates - I’ll tell you all about what I’ve been working on with your support. (All Patrons!)
  • Monthly or weekly writing/creative prompts - short and sweet and made for anyone to use! (Mycellium or Moss tiers and higher)
  • Downloadable audio album of original poetry (Soil tier and higher)
  • Videos of performances (Soil tier and higher)
  • 'Zine download (Tree tier and higher)
  • Mini audio classes for Makers-on-the-Go - create on your commute! (Keystone tier and higher)
  • Live video classes, and even individual editing support or commissioned work (Check out Bedrock and higher tiers) 
  • You get connected to an ongoing community conversation about creativity and re-imagining the world! (All patrons!)
Periodically, I'll add or tweak rewards, so if there's something you love that you're getting (or something you want that you're not!), please let me know!

What I do with the resources and support / why I'm so grateful for my Patrons:

When you subscribe, you’re directly paying for the time and materials it takes me to offer this work in the world, which is why I offer a bunch of it back to you in return as rewards tiers - I think you should get what you pay for! I love to do this work, and I am committed to continuing to offer and grow it. I have seen it impact people and communities first hand. I’m also chronically ill. Being able to set and shift my own work schedule as I go means I can work, and I can work in a healthy and nourishing way. In turn, your support allows my writing, performing, teaching, and design consulting to get to people who want and need it.

So whether you’re here to get seeds, structure, and support for your own writing, creative work, and re-storyation skills, here to read and listen to some rad poetry, or here to support my art and work and that of others like me - or all of the above! - welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Now let’s go re-story the world together so we can all thrive.

All images, artwork, text, vidoe and audio in site are creative property of Rachel Economy unless otherwise noted ~

Want to also work with me as a client or organization? Head over to racheleconomy.com. Thanks for visiting!
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BIZ LAUNCHES W/ ACCESS TO BWB RETREAT! Goal reached? That means the big first phase of the business can finally launch - YAYYY! Keep an eye out for more news about that in the feed! And, this goal helps send Rachel to the Bold Woman Brands women-in-creative-business retreat in September. HUGE CELEBRATION and thank-you to y'all for reaching this goal. In gratitude, I'll write a song about you and post a video of me playing and singing it in the feed! I might even dress up... :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 128 exclusive posts
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