is creating a scanning website of the UAE

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RadarUAE is a project focussed on providing a reliable and easy-to-use map to the Pokémon GO community within the United Arab Emirates.

Initially started in 2017, the map was able to run successfully for over a year until scanning accessibility was no longer available. After some time, in 2019, the project and map were under a beta testing stage for almost a year and is now ready to re-launch once again if we are able to sustain the funding required to keep the map running.

This is where we would like to ask for your support, the current functionality and features of the map is only possible due to the heavy monetary and time investments put in by the RadarUAE team. We would love to continue working on keeping the project and map alive for as long as possible, but we need your help to help fund the running costs to maintain the project!

We would also like to be very transparent regarding our capabilities & limitations, therefore please note the following before deciding if you would like to subscribe as a Patron:

  1. The priority of RadarUAE scanning is to report on Raids & Quests in as many areas within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah (other Emirates not currently included).
  2. The team will be maintaining the scanning uptime on a best-effort basis, we cannot promise the map will be up 24/7 but our goal is to try anyways.
  3. Unscheduled maintenance or downtime can occur during major game updates, forced APK's, and due to unexpected technical issues.
  4. Scheduled maintenance windows will be shared in advance whenever possible.
  5. Expansions of areas further than what is currently being reported is not possible at this time.
  6. Pokemon scanning that is currently reflecting on the map is never guaranteed. Similar to the point above, expansion of what is being reflected is not possible at this time.

We want to reiterate to our Patrons that the support we are receiving is purely for maintaining what is currently being scanned and not for expanding the scanning capabilities.

We will also be continuously seeking our user feedback over the Discord server to better understand how to improve on the project over the months to come.

Thanks to all you Patrons!
$361.22 of $700 per month
Our goal of $700 per month is to cover the monthly expenses as well as recover some parts of the initial investments to run the project. 

If all initial costs are covered, any additional funding will be set aside for future expansions if possible.
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