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This first tier means you support the Radically (a)Parent project! This an action of love, not just for those telling their stories, but also for all those stories out there that still need to be discovered and told.

My goal is to release 4 episodes a month. This equals $0.50 an episode! You'll also gain access to my Patreon posts and behind the scenes thoughts on each podcast episode.
Passion Project Lovers
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You know what a burning passion feels like and you see the good that this passion project is bringing to the world. You'll also gain access to my Patreon posts and behind the scenes podcast thoughts. With this tier you will also get a sneak peek at any other related content beyond the podcast, such as artwork and stories that will end up in the book series, etc.

This tier is a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread...in the name of supporting these heartfelt and important stories (and in feeding my family).
Topic Lovers
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Name a topic! I will pursue all reasonable suggestions and do everything in my power to cover your request. Feel free to have the story be your own or introduce me to someone who has a story to tell. I'll also give you a shout out during the episode. You'll also have access to any additional content I push out behind the scenes - on the podcast, the book series development, etc.

This tier is a month of podcast hosting fees. Because stories need a platform to be accessible to a wider audience. 




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Thank you for becoming a patron of Radically (a)Parent. Your support allows me to put time, energy and passion into getting more untold stories - told. Because doing so helps us all recognize that we are never alone, even in our darkest and most challenging moments. 

Initially, your patronage will help me create the Radically (a)Parent podcast. Ultimately I plan on creating additional content, including books, cards, art and advocacy materials around the topics that we discuss on the podcast.
$5 of $1,500 per month
When I reach $1500 per month, I plan on starting the first book in the Radically (a)Parent book series. The goal of this business model is to help parents earn passive income via their participation in the project and also to help support advocacy work around these topics. I'd like for at least 10% of the profits from each book to go to an advocacy group(s) related to that book's topic. I'll partner with these advocacy groups as well to hopefully be able to better reach an existing audience for each book.
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