Radim Kacer

is creating inspiration, ideas and visions. Painter, designer, dreamer.

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Independent Painter and Designer. Creator of OrganikPixel™ Technology invented for creating abstract patterns for ultra high definition images. 

As an artist, I like to use usual things and make them unusual. Everything has own beauty which needs to be discovered.

I love minimalist lifestyle and inspire others to conquer their goals in life.
One of the best things which we can do for others is inspiration. Inspiration is limitless and even small idea has power to change the whole life of someone else and fill up a heart by satisfaction. In each change is a seed of new life. When I could see the success of those who I inspired I could also see that it was the best "artwork" I have ever did and only one I could see again.   

My passion is creativity and imagination. I like to search and use creative thinking in any area of my life. I see human brain as a tool, not as a storage. Its advantage is creativity which should be used for creating, not for memorizing. 

I study abstract space and his influence on human mind. Which role it plays in daily life and how abstract thinking can be used in different professions. Relation between abstract space and illusion of reality. 

I am interested in habits and addictions. Their influence on our lives and how to change them. (food, places, things, etc.). How to make different between "I want" and "I need" to improve our daily life.

I am studying 3 languages at the same time to understand, how to learn and rewire our own brain structures. 

I also studied painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, 3D visualization, brand identity.

"People says to me, you are artist,
you are painter, you are great designer.
They trying to give me a names, specialisation
and professions.
I say to people... forget the names - just create."

Welcome on my page and thank you for your time.
"Let the dream come true."
Radim Kacer
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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