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About Mack

Welcome to my Patreon!
To read my Guild Wars 2 comic from the first page CLICK HERE.
To go to its archive CLICK HERE.

On this Patreon I'm creating art and comics of all kinds! While it was born out of a Guild Wars 2-focus, this Patreon is to support all my art, including non-GW2 related works!
Becoming a Patron will get you access to behind-the-scene processes on how I create my art, tutorials on drawing (suggested by YOU), commission discounts, free art and MORE!

Check out the tiers to your right for more info! 👉
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If you can help me make $600 a month doing this I'll be able to pay my student loans each month with your support alone! (While still working my part-time job for all my other bills XD)
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