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Helpers of Rafativity has ensured at least two plates of food in Rafa's life and they deserve to receive benefits such as :

  • Helpers may request a translation and asks Rafa to create a fully-translated JPEG file of it.

  • A mention of thanks in the credits!




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Thank you for stopping by my Patreon!
This is the Patreon page of myself which I create in hope of meeting my amazing supporters.
Here you can donate as appreciation of what I contributed to the community and reaches you, and for that thought to simply reach your mind, Thank you!

Since I got nobody to talk this to, Maybe I'll let you guys know how I started doing Rafativity
It's goooing to be a wall of text. So, be prepared :D


Ever since quiting my office job, I've been a teacher at day and a slacker at night (well maybe some freelance design jobs when I get a project).
Once I felt comfortable and satisfied with how things are until I realize myself getting difficulties at talking to strangers due to my upbringing growing in a situation full of divorces, dramas, cheatings, pressures, etc.

Which became my trigger to start streaming after inspired by a Youtuber as a personal rehabilitation. As someone who escapes life with gaming, this is a perfect rehab for me and pretty enjoyable. While my channel often only filled by 1 people, I got someone who receives me well and accompany me through the stream.

And hence, Rafativity is born
Since I had my Photoshop skills which I can use to contribute to the community, hence I also try to do manga translations for people.

Living in Indonesia where the exchange rates are really low, a single dollar can ensure a plate of food and hence I approach Patreon hoping that I can meet people who I can contribute to and believe of meeting new people who supports me.

Naive as it is, Such is the face of Rafa
Believe in people, believe in positivity, believe in hope
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