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About Rafeal1989

This is who I am:
I am a man, with hands and a voice. Also a disturbing lack of filters and/or possible morals. I use my voice to produce hopefully hilarious sounds, via memes and other such silliness. 

What do I do:
I stream gameplay semi-regularly, but I am hoping to change that to regularly. As for what games I stream, I generally stream whatever I happen to be playing at the time. I do sometimes plan for my streams before hand as well. I have to improve my ability to video edit so I can put out good videos for my youtube channel.

Why do I do this:
Because its fun for me, and if I can share that with people, even better.
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When I make this goal, I shall begin to become even more serious about making higher quality content. If you're paying for it, that means you want what I'm doing and I need to begin improving for you lovely people.
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