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About RagChess

Hello chess fans!

I am starting this patreon to support my journey of creating chess content that is free for all.

As of right now, I have no ads on my website and I plan to keep it that way. Your support will go a long way to me continuing to build my website content.

I plan to make guides, how tos, diagrams, cheat sheets, and practice scenarios for everyone to use. These resources will hopefully help improve your skills as they have been helping me improve my game.

One on One Coaching
Coaching is something I'd love to pursue. If there is enough interest over time, I will add tiers to support coaching. I'd love to make this something I live stream or record and upload to YouTube so it is accessible to anyone, but this will depend on the student's preferences.

Thank you so much!
$0 of $250 per month
Your support will help me to continue to create content and guides about chess.  Your contributions will help continue to fund my website, YouTube channel, and create time for Streams.

Thank you so much for supporting all that I do!
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