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Raider's Tavern is a website and social media presence, that serves daily news, guides and community spotlights around World of Warcraft (main focus), Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, StarCraft and Diablo. Beyond that we are covering all mayor topics that are affecting us as gamers in any way.

While there are already a lot of sites, that are doing very well in terms of providing news and guides, we feel like there should be a bigger spotlight on selflessly contributing community members. That's why we started a website, that is centered around a almost eleven years old game. Some might say, that WoW is dying and Blizzard is only creating games for fast money nowadays.

We could not disagree more. Blizzard games and Warcraft in general have had such an enormous impact on our lives, it will be part of ourselves and part of our cultural identity for the rest of our days - no matter what (version of the) game we are playing.

That is our core feeling and biggest motivation on maintaining a website around Blizzard games.



Raider's Tavern is ran by a single person (me!) in my spare-time. I am fine with that, as I am just sharing things I read and enjoy anyways. On the other hand I do have so many ideas for cool content and all sorts of events. I am working on a 9 to 5 job and have two kids and a dog to feed. Your donations will simply enable me to put more of my time and money into Raider's Tavern and therefore produce better and more content.



The first bunch of dollars will be used to cover our basic costs for hosting our website. After reaching that goal, we will use every cent to built more features into our website and create more community spotlights and other content. We do report on a regular basis to all our patreons about finished tasks. Everyone pledging 3$ or more, will be able to decide what feature or piece of content will be worked on next.

Here is a glimpse of what we want to add to our website in the upcoming weeks:

  • Of course a lot of smaller improvements as a mobile version, searchbar, sharing-buttons, etc.
  • A repository of curated WoW-Makros und WeakAura Strings
  • Extensive Spotlights on various people shaping our community and living their love on Blizzgames
  • Coverage of major events happening in the Blizzard Universe such as Overwatch-Launch, Major eSports Tournaments, BlizzCon
$0 of $15 per month
When reaching this goal, all basic monthly fees for domain, webserver and CDN will be covered. Nice!
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