Raimu Akuna

is creating FoxedIn Network, Foxhunt Bot
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Basic Supporter
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The starter tier isn't special, as it is just a support to help keep the bot online.

Epic Supporter
per month

You are helping us keep runtime for the bot and support further uptime and other cool features. You will get access to a special channel in our server, and a sneak peek at some of our code!
You will also get a custom role in the discord server, with any SFW name.

Deluxe Supporter
per month

You are the highest tier of supporter! You will get an inside look at parts of our code, and some other stuff!



About Raimu Akuna

I am the owner of the FoxedIn Community Network, with the Telegram, Discord & Website all managed by me. I run the Foxhunt discord bot in my own free time, and enjoy working on large scale projects.

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