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Your $1, despite the size, still helps me out! Because of your support, you'll be able to listen to a piece of my mixed vocals before anyone else!

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You can also download the full quality versions of all of my thumbnails that were used for my videos! 

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hi hi! It's Raina Illune! Welcome to my Patreon! 

I'm a vocalist & motion graphic designer who uploads covers & original music on Youtube in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean! I try my best to make my content as quality as possible, but it's about time I do this.

My content on Youtube isn't done alone
I don't have the ability to make my content alone. I commission many mixers and artists to help me make these videos the quality that I am putting up each upload. As a result, I do pay them all with the money I earn through my own commissions. However, doing so won't be possible soon because I'll be in college. So as a result, I will be unable to do commission as much.
This means I will be unable to commission mixers and artists as much as my quality will drop. 

Your support will be essential to more than one
Even just $1 can support not just me, but mixers, artists, and those who make these videos the quality they are. You don't have to donate every month and you can even cancel your commitment. However, the donation you give will provide will so much support to many of us so thank you!

Hope all of you Stay Happy!
$0 of $150 per month
Full Quality Covers Every Month!
I will be able to commission mixers and artists more often which will help me make higher quality videos! This will help so much and thank you so much!
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