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Games like My Little Karaoke and TrotMania don't just need new new songs, better background and more videos. People come up with lots of new ideas on how to improve such games. Implementing all these new features usually would take a team of full time software developers, software designers, testers and more - all backed by some big company. Additionally, aside from developing new stuff, tracking down how and why exactly bugs happen and how to solve them, takes up a lot of time.

Being a professional software developer, I love doing indie games development during my free time a lot! The results are what the players of these games get as game updates once in a while.

About me & pony games: I (24 years old) am a Brony since march of 2015 and started developing pony games just after GalaCon 2015. At this convention, I saw that some brony-made games desperately were searching for software developers to fix critical bugs. A few weeks later, I somehow got to be the main software developer of UltraStar Deluxe (USDX) which is the engine used for the MyLittleKaraoke - Singins is Magic! game. The development project of this karaoke project was almost dead for 4 years at that time, but the original developers were still available and they helped me to get started and revive the project. Because I believe in publishing the code of such software as free/libre open source benefits all, you can get the sourcecode of that game at https://github.com/UltraStar-Deluxe/USDX and modify it to your heart's content.
The source code of the web-installer, launcher and updater are available here.

Any donated money will be used to produce merchandise & advertise for the games or pay for traveling to more conventions here in Europe.
36% complete
set up automatic testing server for UltrStar Deluxe / MyLittleKaraoke
-> less bugs, faster development of new features
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